Fun Riddle: Find the Missing Number in the Table

Leave your answers in the comments section. Look at the table and find out how the numbers are connected with each other. Once you crack the logic between the numbers can you find the missing number? 26 50 122 5 7 ? 15 13 9 20 20 20 Share it with your friends on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Riddle: How Many Members in the group

A WhatsApp group is a group of common friends that can chat on the app. A WhatsApp group decided to collect as many dollars from each member of the group as the number of members in the group. If the total collection amounts to $2209, then can you find the number of members in the WhatsApp

Picture Riddle: Count the Number of Squares in the Image

Take a break to exercise your brain and solve this riddle. In the picture below you will see a figure which forms some squares and rectangles. Can you count the number of squares in the picture below? When you get all of them share the riddle with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer:  18 squares  

Word Riddle Games: I Sleep By Day And Fly By Night

Read the hints given in the riddle and guess the word. I sleep by day and fly by night. I don’t have feathers to cloud my flight. Who am I? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. If you get the correct answer, please share it with