Fun Riddle Games: Re-arrange These Scrambled Words II

Have fun with this word riddle games. There are 10 words scrambled and their meanings are mentioned in the brackets. If you get all 10 right your vocabulary is awesome. Here are the hints; UTLMNA (A City) RQIA (A Country) RNUES ( A Profession) ERLARIT (A Vehicle) LNSUG (A Body Part) ULSTO (A Flower) ANORGD

Logical Riddle: Find Who the Thief is

Three people met at a corner of a street. They all are dressed like cops, so they don’t know who the thief is. The cops will always tell the truth and the thief will tell the truth too to make himself appear like a good cop. If their names are Alex, Bruce and Calvin; and

Picture Riddle: Can You Find Any Animal Hidden in this Photo?

One more amazing camouflage photograph. This might keep you busy for sometime. In the picture given below, there is an animal which cannot be easily seen, can you find it? If you find it within a minute you have excellent observation skills. So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the

Word Riddle Games: I Have 3 Eyes But Just One Leg

Read the hints in the riddle and guess the word. I have 3 eyes but just one leg. Obey me or you will be sorry. What am I? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. If you get the correct answer, please share it with your

What Comes Next in the Sequence: 1, 3, 23, 367, ?

Look at this series of numbers and find the logic behind it and then find; What comes next in the sequence; 1, 3, 23, 367, ? Share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: The pattern followed by the sequence is as follows; 1 x 2^1 – 1 = 1 x 2 –