WhastsApp Riddle: 12 N in C, 2 E in F

If you like my previous post 64S on CB you will love this extended version of the same. You can see the below example to understand what needs to be done. Example: 24 H in a D. Ans. 24 hours in a day. 1. 12 N in C 2. 2 E in F 3. 11

Rebus Riddle Games: Guess the Words

Crack this rebus riddle and leave your answers in the comment section. Brain bat or Rebus are a kind of brain teaser where a combination of letter or word represent a word. You have to crack the meaning of the rebus by looking at the combination. Guess the words or phrases from the hints given in

WhatsApp Riddle: Find 6 Words Hidden in the Picture 4

Share it when you find all 6 words. Here is a picture of a cafeteria with words hidden. Find the 6 hidden words in the picture below. If you find all 6 your observations skill are brilliant. Even finding 5 means you are good. Share it on WhatsApp and Facebook to challenge your friends and

Encryption Riddle: Can You Decode This?

Good at cracking hidden and codded messages? Try your skills with this riddle. Can You Decode This? 25519 9 3114 4531545 920 Look at the numbers and try to decode the hidden message. Were you able to crack the message? Great, Now challenge your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook to solve the riddle. Find who

Picture Riddle: Find the Animal Hidden in The Forest

Zoom your screens, or You might need your magnifying glass to find this one. An animal is smartly hidden in the this picture of the forest. Can you find him? See the picture carefully and leave your answers in the comment section. Once you have found it, share this picture riddle with your friends on