Fun Valentine Day Riddles and Puzzles

Falling short of smart jokes and riddles on Valentine’s day? Here is a list of 25 short one-liner riddles that you can use to impress your valentine. Q. What did the drum say to his Valentine? A. “My heart beats for you!” Q. What did the elephant say to his Valentine? A. “I love you

Fun Maths Riddle: Find 3 Numbers

Test yourself with mathematical skills. Can you find three number that meet the following conditions; When we multiply the 3 numbers, we will get prime number. The difference between second and the first number is equal to the difference between the third and second. Easy? Tough? what do you think? Share this maths riddle with

Fun Brain Teaser: What Time Did Alice Reach The Station

Solve this riddle mentally and quickly. A train leaves from Magic City every 40 minutes to Fairy land. When Alice reached the station, the station master told her that the train had left 15 minutes ago and the next train to Magic City will leave at 9:40 p.m. At what time, did Alice reach the

Fun Picture Riddle: Which One is The Correct Key

Here’s a easy picture riddle which you can share with kids you know. In the picture below are 3 keys and a lock. You have to find the key which would lead you to the lock. So find the correct key in the picture below. When you find it share it with all the kids you

Forest Riddle: How Will the Swan Escape From the Tiger?

Read the riddle carefully and help the swan escape from the tiger. A swan is swimming in a small circular pond. A hungry tiger approaches the pond and wants to eat the swan. But this tiger is scared of water so he waits at the edge of the pond running in circular direction. The speed

Fun Picture Riddle: Find the Bird Hidden in The Photo

Have fun while searching for a bird hidden in this picture. Nature is amazing, I really admire animal camouflage. If you too admire it, you will really like this one. I give you a biggest hint that it’s a bird in the animal and not a tortoise. 🙂 So search for the bird hidden in this