Fun Maths Riddle: Find the Missing Numbers

Share it when you find the numbers. In the equation below some numbers are missing. Can you find the missing numbers? __  7  2 3  __  8 ———— 4  7  __ ————- Share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: The missing number can be found out as; In the last column; 8

Zoo Riddle: Find the Number Of Zebras And Ostriches

You visit a zoo in Africa. There are zebras and ostriches in this Zoo. You count 80 heads and 200 legs. Can you find the number of Zebras and the number of Ostriches in the Zoo? Share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: To solve this riddle we will have to form

Picture Riddle: Find Value of the Question Mark

Put on your thinking hats and solve this riddle. In the picture below you will see 2 images and the result. Find the value of ? from the picture. Share the riddle with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook, when you get the answer. Answer: From the 1st figure we can make out that it is actually

WhatsApp Riddle: Find 6 Words Hidden in the Picture 7

One more picture riddle which will keep you engrossed for some time. Here is a picture of a typical family chilling out at home, there are some related words hidden in the picture. Find the 6 words that are hidden in the picture below; Share this picture riddle with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook and keep

Word Riddles: Complete the Words By Filling in the Missing Vowels

Here’s an easy riddle to keep your day easy. Complete the following words with the missing vowels. EG: Example would become _x_mpl_ with missing vowels. 1. _lb__t 2. G_r_ 3. _nkn_wn 4. Sp__r 5. C_t_l_g__ 6. _r__ 7. _rg_n_z_t__n 8. _c_n_my 9. L_g_t_m_t_ 10. M_b_l_ Leave your answers in the comment section. Did you have