Fun-day Sunday Riddles: Why Can’t a Leopard Hide?

An easy fun riddle to keep your Sunday mood going. Answer the question given below; Why can’t a leopard hide? Why was Cinderella thrown out of the Football team? Share this riddle with children and your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: Because the Leopard’s always spotted’. Because she ran away from the ball.

Easy Riddles: What has a Neck But No Head

You can leave the answers tho the puzzle in the comment section below; Try these easy word riddles. What has a neck but no head, but still wears a cap? What is higher without the head, than with it? I fasten it and it walks. I unfasten it and it stops. What is it? Liked it? You

Fun Riddle: Find Out the Missing Number

Solve the riddle and leave your answers in the comment section. Can you find out the missing number? ? 4 5 3 5 9 5 7 10 3 Share the riddle with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. Answer: If you see all the numbers you will realize that the numbers in the first row are

Word Riddle Games: Open My Stomach and Finish Me

Guess the word from the hints given in the riddle. Just holding me is no good, You have to open up my stomach and finish me. The more of us you finish the wiser you get. I fatter I am the smarter people think you are. Who am I? Share it with your friends on

Picture Riddle: Find the Bird Hidden in the Forest

When you find it, share it!  There’s a bird in this picture of the forest, Can you find it? Don’t forget to share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: The bird is marked in the picture below. In the right part of the picture you will see a green parrot with black eyes.

Fun Word Riddle Games: 9 Letter Word Producing New words

Time to play with words. There’s an English word with 9 letters. It keeps producing another word when you remove any one letter from it. (Goes on up to a single letter) Can you guess that word? Leave the answers in the comment section. Challenge your friends with this English word riddle by sharing this