Fun Brain Game: How Many Girls Are Performing The Dance?

Here’s an easy brain game riddle. It’s easy but it is supposed to be answered quickly, that’s where the mistakes might happen. So make sure you think properly before you leave the answer in the comments section. Jennifer is performing in a dance show along with her friends. In a particular sequence, all of the

WhatsApp Emoticon Riddle: What is The Girl’s Full Name

Try to answer this… Let’s see who gets it first Look at the symbol and guess the name of the girl. Boy: What is Your name? Girl: 100+🚰+🚗+🐅+👊=…. What is the girls full name? This was actually a Marathi Riddle that I received on WhatsApp and I translated it to English. The original riddle is

Steve Harvey’s Blunder at Miss Universe 2015

Colombia may still be recovering from the shock of watching its beauty queen unceremoniously dethroned during Miss Universe, but it seems host Steve Harvey has finally seen the funny side of things. Harvey had contestants holding their breath and Miss Colombia in floods of tears after announcing her as the winner, only to realize he

Rebus Word Riddle: Guess the Phrase Shown in The Picture

Brain bat or Rebus are a kind of brain teaser where a combination of letter or word represent a word. You have to crack the meaning of the rebus by looking at the combination. They are fun and witty. So I hope you enjoy solving them. Guess the phrase from the combination of words given below;