What Does The Blue Tick On Whatsapp Mean?

WhatsApp, the social messaging smartphone app, has issued an update introducing a feature that many users have been asking for since its launch. The chat service has finally introduced a new notification which displays a blue tick next to a private message once it’s been read. It’s a feature many users have wanted for years,

Tough Logical Reasoning Riddle: Who did it??

It’s time for a mind boggling puzzle. A man was killed in an office. At the time of murder there were only four people in the office; Mr. Reese, Mr. Bilbo. Mr. Gerry and Mr. Yang. When police asked them who did it they got the following statements from each one of them. After analysis

7 Smartphone Camera Tips and Tricks

Phones nowadays have such great quality cameras we should use them more… Here are some great tips and tricks that you can use to get the most out of your phone. So go ahead and start clicking and impress your friends with your newly acquired photo skills.  

Find The Next Number In The Series. 286,96 ,54,20,__?

A challenge for mathematical geniuses. Very few are able to answer this right in one go. In the given series find the next number i.e value of ? Find the Next Number in the series. 286,96 ,54,20,__? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can